3 Things That Could Go Horribly Wrong If Teachers Are Armed

After much anticipation and great fear of what our man baby president would say to the grieving survivors of the Parkland shooting during the yesterday’s “listening session” at the White House, it seems many Americans were just in their feelings of dread.

Although President Trump mostly behaved himself and did suggest stronger background checks and a ban on bump stocks, he reverted to the unhinged version of himself when he called for arming teachers.

There are so many things wrong with arming teachers and not enough space to include them all, which is why we’re narrowing it down to three.

1.Crossfire Kills More Students

First of all, the only thing an English teacher should be armed with is sarcasm and Shakespeare. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t privately own a gun outside of the classroom, but arming them in the classroom is just a recipe for disaster.

If a teacher were armed when the shooter entered the classrooms at Stoneman Douglas High School, they could’ve accidentally killed more students in a crossfire event.

2. Teacher’s Gun Gets Stolen If It’s Not Secured Properly

I think it’s safe to assume most of us knew that the only thing in a teacher’s desk was all the really cool stuff he or she confiscated from the students. Well, possibly a rum shooter as well, but a Colt 45 is probably the last thing we could imagine seeing.

So let’s say hypothetically that the teacher doesn’t properly secure their firearm and it gets stolen by a student. In such a scenario, the student could either kill himself or other students.

There was actually an instance a few years ago where a security guard left his gun unattended in a school bathroom.

3. Cops Accidentally Shoot Teacher

So say there are reports of a school shooter unloading at students and you’re a cop listening to all of this. And suppose you don’t have an exact breakdown of the shooter in a question? Just imagine the shock of a SWAT team to see someone holding a gun when they arrived at the school.

Now, SWAT teams aren’t famed for asking questions but rather just shoot the target on site. Alas, they could accidentally kill the teacher who’s trying to take out the actual shooter.

In short, these are but a few things that could go horribly wrong if you arm teachers. So it’s best to just pay them and not arm them, as well as stop being the NRA’s b*tch and start enacting sensible gun reform!

Featured image via TruthAboutGuns.