A retired American general is shredding Trump on Twitter – Without ever calling him by name

Retired General Martin Dempsey served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Obama administration, has been offering what he calls “lessons on leadership” on his Twitter feed, and it’s quite clear he doesn’t think much of President Donald Trump’s so-called leadership style.

The New York Times reports:

“A balm in an inflamed social media universe, (Dempsey’s) account dispenses mini-sermons and sensible advice, often for an unnamed audience of one who uses Twitter as a delivery vehicle for insult and fabrication.

“The general would never take on a commander in chief directly; none of his posts mentions President Trump by name. But the daily trolling, mild by Twitter standards, is unmistakable.”

Though Dempsey has never once mentioned Trump by name, there’s no doubt who his tweets are aimed at. For example, here’s one he posted after the 35-day government shutdown ended:

A day earlier, Trump said he might declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built. Dempsey tweeted out:

In 2017, when Trump claimed that President Obama had failed to call the families of slain American service members, General Dempsey posted this:

And the general also weighed in when Trump decided in late 2018 to send American troops to the border to repel what he called an “immigrant invasion.”

But perhaps the tweet Trump most needs to take to heart was sent by Dempsey in January:

Thank you for your service and your wisdom, General Dempsey. Both are needed now more than ever.

Featured Image Via the BBC