AG Barr obstructs House impeachment probe by asking federal judge to block release of vital Mueller materials


Attorney General Bill Barr took his fealty to President Donald Trump to a whole new level on Friday by having the Department of Justice file a brief in an effort to obstruct the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment probe.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings against Trump earlier this week, triggering an investigation requiring any documentation related to the probe to be released to the committee, including the grand jury materials from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which Barr has refused to release since the final report went public in a clear effort to protect Trump.

And now, Barr is still protecting Trump by asking a federal judge to block the release of the materials, arguing that the impeachment inquiry is not really an impeachment inquiry.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words in this matter are really worthless as an argument. It’s the vote the House Judiciary Committee took that matters. But Barr continued to argue that Democrats’ past statements about impeachment are somehow relevant today.

Barr even went so far as to argue that Nixon-era precedents don’t apply.

Clearly, Barr and Trump are continuing to flout the law and congressional oversight. Any federal judge should recognize that and dismiss this filing. Congress should have access to the grand jury materials, because it’s clear that they must be damaging to Trump or else Barr would not be working so hard to conceal them. House Democrats have moved forward with impeachment via a vote by the House Judiciary Committee. Any past statements by Democrats that Barr is using are now null and void. If anything, the judge should order the immediate release of the documents. And if Barr refuses to comply, it might be time for House Democrats to throw him in jail.

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