Alan Dershowitz Warns: Mueller’s Final Report Will Be ‘Devastating’ For Trump


Legal professor Alan Dershowitz, a longtime defender of President Donald Trump, warned Sunday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election will be “devastating” for the president.

During an appearance on the ABC News show “This Week,” Dershowitz commented:

“When I say devastating, I mean it’s going to paint a picture that’s going to be politically very devastating. I still don’t think it’s going to make a criminal case. What I think Mueller is going to do if he’s smart is he’s not going to take the chance on being rebutted. He’s just going to lay out just the facts.”

Dershowitz also suggested that release of the final report may be delayed by acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, noting:

“At some point when the report’s made public, and that’s a very hard question considering the new attorney general who has the authority to decide when and under what circumstance to make it public, it will be made public probably with a response alongside.”

Trump attorney/adviser Rudy Giuliani has also hinted that the White House will release a response to the Mueller report in the hope of countering any evidence that may have been uncovered by the special counsel’s team of investigators.

What remains unclear is what political repercussions may arise once the Mueller report is in the public domain. If it includes proof of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice, there may well be calls for impeachment in the House of Representatives. Even if Trump were acquitted in an impeachment trial, it could tank his already low approval rating and leave him vulnerable as he prepares for his 2020 election campaign.

Most Democrats have said they will withhold judgement on whether or not to draw up articles of impeachment until they see what Mueller’s probe reveals. It also remains unclear whether Trump will be named as an unindicted co-conspirator and subpoenaed for further testimony.

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