Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expertly mocks Fox News’ obsession with her – It’s become ‘AOC TMZ’


Even though she’s only been a member of Congress for about two months now, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has quickly become the most well-known member of the freshman class that joined the House of Representatives in January.

Part of the reason Ocasio-Cortez is such a household name can be placed on Fox News, which seems absolutely obsessed with everything she says and does.

AOC has noticed the Fox News preoccupation with her every move, and relentlessly mocked the conservative network Saturday on Twitter:

Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet was in response to a poll shared by writer Josh Jordan which shows AOC “underwater with every demographic group” other than women, minorities and younger voters. That led the congresswoman to noted that “older, conservative white men are considered ‘everyone.'”

Jordan later deleted the tweet in question, but the larger issue being raised by Ocasio-Cortez remains incredibly relevant, with Media Matters for American recently reporting that Fox had mentioned AOC four times more than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in February. That certainly suggests a complete fixation on the 29-year-old from the Bronx.

Just last month, Fox host Sean Hannity slammed Ocasio-Cortez for her Green New Deal:

“What they are proposing is so outrageously expensive and cost prohibitive even they acknowledge that if we confiscated all the billionaires’ wealth, it still wouldn’t be able to pay for this mess of theirs.

“I thought it would take a hundred days into the New Year with the new Congress before you saw how radical they are. Nope, this is the most extreme radical element of the Democratic social party we have ever seen.”

Clearly, Fox is terrified of this one member of Congress. That suggests she’s doing something right.

Featured Image Via MSNBC Screenshot