All hell breaks loose after Trump endorses Bible classes in schools


Separation of church and state is the foundation stone on which our nation was built, but President Donald Trump ignored it on Monday to endorse Bible classes in schools in a Twitter post that caused all hell to break loose.

Republicans in several states have introduced bills to put Bible classes in schools that students supposedly can “volunteer” to take.

Trump apparently saw the report on Fox News and immediately tweeted his support.

One Twitter user pointed out the connection to Fox News, which Trump watches throughout the day during his “executive time.”

Other Twitter users called out Trump’s hypocrisy or slammed him for violating the Constitution.

Clearly, Trump is pandering to his evangelical base in the aftermath of his cave to Democrats on the government shutdown, which caused cracks in their support of him.

But schools that offer Bible classes expose themselves to litigation because if schools are going to offer classes on the Bible, they will need to offer classes on the Koran, the Torah, and any other religious text, including Satanic Temple and atheist literature.

How do we know this? Because it’s happened before in Florida. After a school district allowed Bibles to be handed out to students, the Satanic Temple and atheists demanded equal time, forcing the school to block the distribution of the Bible.

The same will likely occur when schools start offering Bible classes. Again, there’s a reason why religion does not belong in schools. Not every American practices Christianity. Furthermore, these classes could be easily hijacked by religious extremists to preach anti-gay and anti-women beliefs or even the belief that rebellious teens should be stoned to death, while pressuring students to convert. This is why Bible classes are not a good idea and it’s why the president of the United States should not endorse them in schools.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot