All hell breaks loose on Twitter after Texas GOP Senator quotes Mussolini

For some unknown reason, Senator John Cornyn decided he’d go on Twitter Sunday and post what sounds like an endorsement of the late Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini:

What in the hell is that supposed to mean? And even if it does actually have some meaning (more on that in a second), why in the world would anyone quote Mussolini unless they were either a.) writing a term paper b.) hoping to draw attention?

A couple of hours later, Cornyn gave some clarity to his initial posting:

Here’s the problem with using Mussolini to warn against Democratic Socialism: Il Duce was the furthest thing in the world from a socialist in the way Cornyn was trying to make his absurd point. Mussolini was what’s known as a national socialist, just like another well-known fascist, Adolf Hitler.

Reaction to Cornyn’s bizarre tweet sparked an outpouring of ridicule and a reminder that the Texas senator doesn’t understand squat about 20th century history:

Featured Image Via the BBC