Americans respond to GOP’s Tax Day tweet for claiming Trump’s tax law puts money in more people’s pockets


Americans are raising holy hell on the Republican Party for daring to spout falsehoods about President Donald Trump’s tax law on Tax Day in a tweet claiming more people have more money in their pockets.

Trump and the GOP repeatedly promised that their tax law would benefit working Americans, who weren’t buying that lie from the beginning as a strong majority opposed it.

Since the law went into effect, corporations have reaped most of the benefits, either not owing a single dime to the government or getting millions in refunds.

In addition, Americans lost over $5 billion in refunds this year and over $300 billion in deductions. Trump’s tax law particularly punished residents of blue states, but even many of his own supporters took a noticeable hit.

In fact, ten million families saw their tax bill rise this year.

And the law costed Republicans dearly during the 2018 Election as they lost control of the House.

So, it was not a smart idea when the GOP promoted the law in a Tax Day tweet on Sunday night.

Angry Americans took the GOP to the woodshed.

The comments go on and on like this and are far too numerous to post here. But it’s clear that Americans are offended by the GOP’s tweet and are pissed off about the tax law.

If they carry their anger into 2020, Republicans are doomed.

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