An hour after calling them ‘crazy,’ Trump says Democrats need to ‘loosen up and have some fun’

It’s always risky to try and comprehend exactly what goes on inside the mind of President Donald Trump, both because it rarely makes a bit of sense and also because it changes from moment to moment depending on his ever-shifting mood.

Monday morning, Trump said on Twitter that Democrats want to prohibit the detention or deportation of “criminal aliens” which he referred to as a “brand new demand” and branded as “Crazy!”:

As usual, Trump offered no facts to back up his specious claim.

An hour later, Trump was back on social media, suggesting that Democrats need to “have some fun,” though he didn’t specify how exactly they should accomplish his suggestion:

So, over the course of an hour, the ever-mercurial president went from accusing Democrats of being crazy to saying they’re angry and need to relax. Seems safe to suspect all of this has something to do with the ongoing negotiations to avoid another government shutdown, which could begin as soon as this Friday if no agreement is reached between a bipartisan group of legislators and the White House.

Whatever Trump was trying to communicate, he got plenty of responses from others on Twitter:

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot