Angry Trump claims he works more hours than ‘almost any past president’ – Twitter explodes with laughter


The recent report from Axios suggesting that President Donald Trump is the laziest American head of state in modern history has greatly angered Trump, who is said to be looking for the White House staffer that leaked his personal schedule which shows hours each day of “executive time” which he devotes to watch cable news, tweeting, and calling friends.

Though it took a few days, the president has finally weighed in on the matter, taking to Twitter Sunday afternoon and angrily denying that he’s a lazy bum:

As usual, Trump’s assertion is so ridiculous that it’s laughable. This is a man who has golfed more than any president in history, doesn’t get to the office until 11 each morning, and is usually back in the residence before 5 p.m. Even bankers work longer hours than he does.

Twitter responded to the president’s claims with hilarious clarity:

Featured Image Via the BBC