Angry Trump supporters say he’s ‘destroyed the USA’ by agreeing to border security legislation

Now that’s President Donald Trump has decided he’ll sign the bipartisan legislation that gives him a mere $1.3 billion for border security, some of his most fervent supporters are saying he betrayed them and is destroying the country.

Especially enraged are right-wingers on the fringes of the conservative media world.

Daniel Horowitz, a conservative writer The Blaze, said he believes Trump’s willingness to sign the bill could pose big problems for the president:

“That is exactly why Democrats are salivating to vote on this within a few hours of passage, which is exactly why Trump has a responsibility to oppose it immediately and demand at least a short-term clean continuing resolution so that he can digest the consequences of this bill. If he cannot make that simple demand, which would not even trigger a phony shutdown, then his presidency is worthless.”

Ann Coulter is also furious with Trump, making her frustrations known on the president’s favorite social media platform, Twitter:

Mark Krikiorian, executive director of the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies, says the bill gives towns a veto power if they decide they don’t want the border wall built on their land:

“And which party controls all local government in South Texas? Go ahead, look it up, I’ll wait. Rio Grande City is the least Democratic community in the area, and even there voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 by more than three to one.

“Add to that the bill’s prohibition on border barriers in a range of public parks and spaces — such as the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, La Lomita Historical Park, or the National Butterfly Center — and the 55 miles of new fencing supposedly provided for in the bill might never get built at all.”

And on right-wing website Breitbart (the former home of ex-White House adviser and alt-right apologist Steve Bannon), this was the panic-stricken headline:


Looks like some of the Trumpkins just found out that their orange savior conned them. Seems like they should have known he would since he’s been conning people his entire life.

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