AOC calls for birth control to be free and readily available over the counter

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said on Twitter that she believes that birth control in the United States should be free and available without a prescription. Currently, many birth control pills can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription:

Ocasio-Cortez — who is also known as AOC — has been a vocal proponent of women having expanded access to birth control, according to Mediaite:

Just last month, the Congresswoman posted a video of Rep. Lauren Underwood— a trained nurse — speaking at a Congressional hearing.

“For women, reproductive health care is health care,” Underwood says in the video. “But your department has issued rules that deny the science of reproductive health care and allow employers to deny workers health insurance that covers contraceptives.”

The Trump administration has declared war on birth control rights for women, The New York Times reported in 2017:

The Trump administration on Friday moved to expand the rights of employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraception and issued sweeping guidance on religious freedom that critics said could also erode civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The twin actions, by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department, were meant to carry out a promise issued by President Trump five months ago, when he declared in the Rose Garden that “we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore.”

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