April Ryan DESTROYS Mike Huckabee in Twitter feud: ‘Will you get into heaven? The answer is no!’

White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan got into a Twitter war with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee after she criticized his daughter — White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders — and said the press secretary needed to be fired for her constant lying.

On CNN Friday, Ryan had this to say about Sarah Sanders, who was mentioned in the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller as having blatantly lied about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey:

“She outright lied, and the people, the American people, can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the president’s mouthpiece, spokesperson, from the people’s house.

“When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off. It’s ‘Fire Me Thursday’ or ‘Fire Me Good Friday.’ She needs to go.”

That sent Mike Huckabee to Twitter in full whine mode:

Of course, if Donald Trump had said the same thing, Mike would have insisted it was merely a figure of speech and no big deal. That’s what pretend Christian hypocrites always do when it comes to the current president.

For her part, Ryan was equal to Huckabee’s pathetic moanings:

But that just made Mike act even more childish, firing off this retort:

That was a BIG mistake on Huckabee’s part, because Ryan burned him to a crisp with this brilliant response:

And THAT is how you drop the mic on Mike.

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