This Attorney General Candidate Is Running The Most Honest Ad We’ve Ever Seen (Video)

Dana Nessel may have just released the best campaign ad ever run! Nessel is running for Attorney General in Michigan and if she is nominated, could be part of an all-woman ticket. Thanks to the recent reports of sexual harassment and assault running rampant in the government, she is embracing her femaleness and letting the voter’s know that they can count on her for a few basic promises.

In her campaign ad, Dana Nessel promises to fight for those who need it most. She has a strong record in Michigan as a prosecutor who champions human rights. But more importantly, she promises not to sexually harass her staff or walk around in a half-open bathrobe. Nessel insists that she will continue to take sex crimes seriously just like she has as a prosecutor.

Sitting by the fireplace while images of headlines involving sexual harassment flash behind her, Nessel asks the question, “Who can you trust most, NOT to show you their penis? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis?”

“I’d say so,” she continues.

“Some people say I can’t be the Democratic nominee here in Michigan because we can’t have an all-female ticket for state-wide office in 2018. Well, I read the news and I bet you do, too. And it has me wondering, can we afford NOT to?”

Republicans are calling the ad ‘controversial’ and say that the ads exploit the sexual harassment crisis. “Sexual harassment is not a laughing matter,” said Sarah Anderson, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party. “In a crisis, a leader fights for what is right, they don’t exploit a crisis for personal gain.”

Excuse me, but WHAT? Political campaigns do nothing BUT exploit the crisis du jour for victory. And Dana Nessel sounds like a candidate who is NOT going to let the good old boys continue to run roughshod over human decency. Instead, she sounds like just the woman to clean up the cesspool our patriarchal government has become.

From her website:

Dana has received numerous awards for her civil rights initiatives, including the “Champion of Justice” award from the Michigan State Bar Association, “Woman of the Year” from Michigan Lawyers Weekly and the “Treasure of Detroit” award from Wayne State University Law school. Dana lives in southeast Michigan with her wife, Alanna Maguire, their twin sons, Alex and Zach, along with various cats.

Sounds like our kind of candidate!