Barack Obama shows how a real leader responds to a tragedy like the New Zealand mosque shootings

Just hours after news broke this morning that a right-wing extremist had entered two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and gunned down 49 innocent worshipers, former President Barack Obama tweeted out heartfelt condolences:

The response is in stark contrast to the stilted posting President Donald Trump made on his Twitter feed:

Authorities in New Zealand report that four suspects are in custody, HuffPost reports:

“Four people have been taken into custody, one of whom is in his late 20s and has been charged with murder. He will appear in Christchurch court on Saturday morning. According to a Twitter and Facebook account with the same name as the alleged shooter, a lengthy manifesto written by the self-identified 28-year-old Australian national indicates he was motivated to act out the shooting by white supremacy and extremism in the U.S. He also mentions being Islamophobic and believing in white nationalist ideas.”

The social media remarks from Obama are a reminder that we once had a president who truly cared about all people and tried to unite us as a nation for the greater good. And President Obama’s healing words also drew praise from others seeking solace online:

Yes, we once had a real president. And one day we will again.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot