Many people are saying Bernie Sanders is upstaging Stacey Abrams

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Senator Bernie Sanders, ever the lightning rod for controversy, has once again found himself in hot water. For the third year running, Sanders will deliver his own response to the president’s State of the Union address. This response will be separate from the Democratic Party one, to be delivered by Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, in a move many consider upstaging.

Abrams is hot off the heels of narrowly losing a governorship to Brian Kemp. However, the race was pockmarked by what some call a rampant abuse of power, as Kemp retained his powers as Georgia Secretary of State while campaigning for the governorship. Because the SoS has broad power concerning voting registration, Kemp waged a full-on assault on voting rights, improperly purging, by one investigation’s estimate, 340,000 voters from Georgia’s voting rolls.

In light of the injustices that Abrams faced on the campaign trail, the Democratic Party chose Abrams to deliver the Democratic response to President Trump’s address. Her presence and words are sure to highlight the struggle millions of Americans still face when demanding that their right to vote be protected and respected.

Considering these facts, Sanders’ announcement left some … displeased. Some contended that upstaging a black woman’s speech was a bad look.

Others pointed out that one of Bernie’s biggest challenges to winning Democrats is that he isn’t one.

And finally, others noted that as a sitting senator, Sanders has more ways to push his agenda than Stacey Abrams, who lost, and Sanders should avail himself of them.

Sanders himself tried to diplomatically create a friendly bridge, but some say it doesn’t hold water:

Further, in 2016, Senator Sanders lost the primary to Hillary Clinton by nearly 4 million votes. In a Democratic primary season increasingly focused on credible female candidates (some of whom don’t share nearly the same “baggage” as Clinton), his path to the nomination looks increasingly slim. He was even targeted by a Vermont newspaper that “begged” him not to run for president.

Between his high unfavorables, his upstaging SOTU response, and his own backyard pushing against his candidacy, Sanders early primary days do not appear to be going well. His latest foray is not likely to help. An increasing amount of Americans are coming around to the idea of Bernie Sanders not being the best person for the job. And if he were the best person to deliver the SOTU response, perhaps he would’ve been chosen to do so.

Feature image provided via Gage Skidmore