Bill Maher hilariously mocks Trump’s ‘cocked and loaded’ Iran boast


Vice-President Mike Pence is going to be so uncomfortable around President Donald Trump after he hears Bill Maher explain where the phrase “cocked and loaded” came from.

In the aftermath of his incompetent decision to bomb Iran, only to call the whole thing off at the last minute, Trump boasted about how he is supposedly prepared for war on Twitter by claiming that “we were cocked and loaded” to retaliate against Iran for merely shooting down one of our unmanned spy drones.

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Trump has already been widely criticized for his gross incompetence, but HBO host Bill Maher piled on with mockery.

“He has to do the reality show bullsh*t, ‘Will I bomb Iran or will I call the bombers back at the last moment’? — we’ll find out, stay tuned,” Maher said before mentioning Trump’s tweet.

The problem with the tweet, however, is that it’s not “cocked and loaded,” but rather “locked and loaded.”

And as it turns out, “cocked and loaded” is a gay porn flick, which Maher hilariously pointed out before asking his fans to spread the word in celebration of the 500th episode of “Real Time”.

“‘Cocked and Loaded,’ we looked it up, is the name of a gay porn movie,” he said. “I’m not making this up, with the subtitle, ‘a gang bang daddy f*ck,’ which is a pretty good summary of the last two and a half years. So I’d like all of you to hashtag ‘gang bang daddy f*ck’ as a gift to ourselves for the 500th episode.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Sure enough, Maher’s “Real Time” army went to work spreading the news like wildfire and adding mockery of their own along the way, demonstrating once again why Trump should think before he tweets.

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