Billboard Calling For Trump’s Impeachment Goes Up Near Mar-A-Lago

The movement to impeach President Donald Trump appears to have seen an infusion of life. The Miami Herald reported that a billboard calling for President Trump’s impeachment is coming to West Palm Beach this month.

According to the Herald, the sign will:

“…Tower above I-95 South, less than 2 miles from Mar-A-Lago, saying: Impeachment now, Make America America Again!”

If the Democrats were smart, they would make sure that phrase is a campaign slogan heard far and wide.

A progressive PAC known as the Mad Dog PAC funded the billboard, as part of a project to put billboards up around the country to target Republicans. Most recently, Mad Dog recently funded one in Pensacola that read:

“The NRA is a terrorist organization.”

According to Claude Taylor, founder of the PAC and a former Hillary Clinton staffer:

“Trump needs to be impeached because he is unfit, ill-prepared, and unstable.”

I would throw in unintelligent and sociopathic, but you get the point.

Progressives across the country have been vociferously prodding Democrats to grow a spine on the issue of impeachment.

Maybe their hesitation has more to do with Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and the party’s willingness to side with a hostile foreign nation over their own countrymen.

Image via Mad Dog PAC.

Back in December, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) proposed articles of impeachment that won the support of a large number of Democrats in the House, but the effort ultimately failed after Republicans, and some Democrats voted overwhelmingly to table the motion.

But with Democrats poised to take back the House and possibly the Senate in November’s midterm elections (assuming Putin’s troll farms don’t mess things up), many progressives will expect them to invoke impeachment votes every day.

That’s why it’s imperative that Democrats do everything to make sure sane America goes out and votes.

Featured image via YouTube Video.