Birtherism 2.0: Don Jr. gets caught gaslighting about Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has emerged as a major threat to President Donald Trump after her winning performance on the second day of the first Democratic debate on Thursday night, which is why Donald Trump Jr. is apparently now questioning if she is really black or not.


Just minutes after a Russian bot account questioned Harris’ heritage, Trump Jr. was quick to retweet it, only to remove it later. But not before he got caught and screenshots were taken.

Harris’ father is an immigrant from Jamaica and her mother is an immigrant from India, but she is black and proud of it. As the only person of color on the debate stage Thursday night, she called out institutionalized racism and called for federal action to put an end to it.

She, by far, had the best showing of the night and is now in a much stronger position in the primary. Harris could easily be the Democratic 2020 nominee if her star continues to rise, which is bad news for Trump since Harris has made it clear she intends to make him pay for his crimes.

Trump Jr. and other right-wingers apparently fear her as well, which is why they are trying to create a rift between her and black voters by saying she’s not really one of them.

Twitter users swiftly buried Trump Jr. in ridicule.

Even former Trump campaign member Katrina Pierson repeated the attack while adding that former President Obama is an African-American.

So, now Trump and his team believe Obama is an African-American after all that time they spent calling him a foreigner.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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