Blistering op-ed destroys Invaka Trump for pretending to care about women’s issues

Ivanka Trump works as a senior adviser to her father, President Donald Trump, and loves to say that she wants to empower women in business across the world, even though her dad has spent most of his life harassing, demeaning, and insulting women.

Now Ivanka has written an article for her father’s least favorite news site, CNN, in which she talks about the women she’s met during her travels in Africa:

“Their stories are tangible proof of what is possible if we deliver smart development assistance to empower women to succeed in their economies.”

But here’s the thing: Ivanka is a gigantic hypocrite. Her clothes are made in sweatshops overseas where women and young girls are forced to labor for hours on end for almost no pay at all.

And that’s what led Jezebel to post an op-ed in which they noted that the Ivanka does almost nothing to “empower women.”:

“She pays lip service to empowerment, she represents an administration that has slashed their access to critical healthcare.”

So while Ms. Trump may enjoy writing about how she wants to help women, that claim is empty, the op-ed continues:

“That Ivanka Trump has no credibility on women’s issues is by now a pretty straightforward thing. She worked very hard to get her father elected, now works for him, and has worked very hard to aide this administration through its many cruelties. So why give her an op-ed line to bullshit, then?”

For example, shortly after Donald Trump took office, he reinstated the global gag rule, which prohibits doctors from offering any advice on abortions, even if the life or health of the mother are at stake:

“In some rural areas, this means that women can’t access contraception or get basic medical care because the clinic also provides patients with information about abortion services. Clinics that have refused to comply with rules that lead to suboptimal care have been forced to close locations, leaving some areas with severely limited access.”

All of this leads Jezebel to conclude that Ivanka is doing nothing more than paying lip service to empowering women:

“Ivanka’s op-ed omits the fact that the policies that she and her administration enforce are holding back the very women she hopes to empower. Like her empty-calorie feminism, it sounds nice, but ultimately means nothing. Why let her pretend otherwise?”

Ivanka, just like her father, is a liar. She cannot be trusted and should not be listened to. If she’s really a champion of women, she should resign her White House position immediately.

Featured Image Via the BBC