Bombshell Admission From Russian Reporter Confirms Putin’s 2016 US Election Strategy

A reporter just confirmed that Russian President Vladamir Putin directed state-run media outlets to show Donald Trump in a positive light to help him beat Hillary Clinton.

Evidence continues to surface proving that Russian involvement tainted the 2016 US presidential election. Hackers attacked our democratic institutions and stole emails, paid trolls hijacked social media and now we know that Russian propaganda manipulated public opinion to swing the contest to Vladimir Putin’s favorite candidate.

Despite the concerted effort, Trump only narrowly captured the electoral vote and lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes.

The smell of collusion was in the air, and the truth continues to come out as special prosecutor Robert Mueller gets closer to taking Trump down.

Earlier this year reports surfaced that Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with Russian agents at Trump Tower to discuss getting damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Trump would go on to publicly urge Russia to continue attacking Democrats shortly after.

Putin wanted a puppet, so he ordered Russian state media to denigrate Hillary and praise Trump at every opportunity.

And Russian journalist Dimitri Skorobutov has finally confirmed it.

During a talk in the Netherlands at a conference with other journalists, Skorobutov discussed how the Russian state media helped Trump.

“Me and my colleagues, we were given a clear instruction: to show Donald Trump in a positive way, and his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in a negative way,“ he admitted. “Sometimes it was a phone call. Sometimes it was a conversation. If Donald Trump has a successful press conference, we broadcast it for sure. And if something goes wrong with Clinton, we underline it.”

Indeed, if Putin didn’t approve, Russian media would not have covered the election in this way using these tactics.

Skorobutov also claimed that the Russian government cheered when Trump was declared the winner.

“There was even a slogan among Russian political élite,” he said. “‘Trump is our president.’ And, when he won the elections, on 9th November 2016, Russian Parliament or State Duma even applauded him and arranged a champagne party celebrating the victory of Donald Trump.”

And then he made a more alarming statement that is very relevant considering the investigation of collusion.

“Russian authorities hoped—literally—to buy Donald Trump, using bribes and tricks,” he explained.

And it certainly looks like Putin owns Trump considering he continues to defend Putin at every turn.

As more people come forward to spill more details of how Trump won the 2016 Election, the more it becomes clear that impeachment proceedings need to move forward. The fact that Russia helped him win because they hoped to bribe him into doing their bidding makes it clear that Trump is a clear and present danger to our national security and our democracy.