BOMBSHELL: Barr let Trump’s lawyers read full Mueller report days before Congress

Donald Trump and William Barr

The depths of Attorney General William Barr’s treachery and corruptness apparently knows no bounds as one of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyers is now admitting that he and other members of Trump’s legal team got to read the full Mueller report days before Congress.

Adding to the several examples of why the American people and Congress do not trust Barr, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan reported on Thursday that Trump’s personal lawyers Jay Sekulow and Jane and Martin Raskin all got to read the Mueller report inside the Department of Justice days before Barr released a lightly redacted version of the report to Congress.

The Raskins met Trump at Mar-a-Lago prior to representing him.

This means that Trump himself knew what the report said even before Congress and demonstrates once again that Barr is a shill for Trump who was appointed to his position to protect him.

It is outrageous that Trump’s team got to see the full report before Congress. If anyone should have been allowed to see the document first, it should have been the chairs of the various congressional committees that are investigating him.

By Barr’s own admission, Mueller’s report lists ten instances of potential obstruction of justice committed by Trump and includes information connected to current investigations. Did Trump’s lawyers get to see that information, too? If so, they are now in position to interfere with connected cases to shield Trump even further.

This was nothing but a scheme to give Trump the ability to spin the report and control the narrative ahead of Congress receiving it. It’s an abuse of power and violates the public trust, which is at an all-time low because of Trump and his cronies, Barr included.

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