Border Patrol thugs ambush American citizen and violate his rights

Border Patrol

Border Patrol agents on the southern border stopped an American citizen this week who was on his way to work and put him through an ordeal that can only be described as a bunch of thugs with badges violating constitutional rights with glee.

Nate Abaurrea is a writer who travels to Mexico every week to do his job. He’s a white male with a passport and he’s never been flagged as a threat before.

But one day as he was following his same routine, five Border Patrol officers ganged up on him, forced him out of his vehicle and proceeded to interrogate, humiliate and intimidate him to the point where it became an example of bullying that should result in a hefty lawsuit.

In the aftermath of his ordeal, Abaurrea recounted the nightmare on Twitter.

He first asked the officers if they had probable cause but they refused to answer and proceeded with their power trip by interrogating him.

They then toyed with Abaurrea by demanding he show them his passport despite being ordered to leave his hands on the table. The lead Border Patrol officer even humiliated him by inappropriately snapping his underwear band and ordered him to take his shoes off after being challenged again.

Still not done, the lead officer then takes a picture of Abaurrea’s passport to continue the abuse.

Abaurrea felt violated and pointed out that if Border Patrol treated him like that, people of color must be treated far worse.

He then suggested that Border Patrol ambushed him in retaliation for his reporting on the humanitarian crisis.

Clearly, Border Patrol has the kind of power that the Constitution forbids. Nobody should lose their 4th Amendment rights just because they live in a border zone or are crossing the border, especially American citizens.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) expressed horror in response to Abaurrea’s ordeal.

These agents should all lose their jobs. Donald Trump may be president, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat people like sh*t.

Featured Image: Wikimedia