Breitbart Warns That ‘Feminist’ Witches Are Out To Get Trump

According to the far right website Breitbart News, there’s been an increase in “occult” activity ever since Donald Trump was elected, and covens of “feminist” witches are casting spells on the White House.

Breitbart tech reporter Charlie Nash, a guest on “Breitbart News Daily,” warned:

“You’ve got the basic things like the Etsy stores, the Witchsy stores, where they link feminist issues with witchcraft and Wicca and there’s other kind of occult symbols, but then you also have these groups of people who are actually trying to hex the president.”

Trying to hex the president? Didn’t Vladimir Putin already manage to accomplish that with threats of releasing compromising videotapes of Trump with Russian prostitutes?

Nash also encouraged listeners to check out the Twitter hashtag #MagicResistance, which he asserted is filled with stories of “people who are actually starting to try and hex the president and people in the White House.” Some, he claimed, have even built “altars and tables with candles and pentagrams.”

Altars with tables and candles? Couldn’t that be any Catholic church you happen to visit? As for pentagrams, those can also have multiple meanings, not all of which are negative.

But it’s those feminist witches who pose the greatest threat; Nash told host Alex Marlow:

“Firstly, it creates an almost—a sense of sisterhood. They have these other women which they can kind of get together and have a weird time with. Secondly, I think it scares religious people. Obviously, a lot of these people are atheistic. They like to wind up the Christians. And thirdly, I think they also have a kind of—they feel like they have a connection to the persecuted women of the Salem witch trials. They look at these women and see them as kind of as victims of patriarchy, almost.”

Would that be anything like the dozens of victims who have suffered sexual assault and harassment at the hands of Donald Trump?

If “witches” want to help bring down the most corrupt man ever to hold the office of president, maybe we need to start a GoFundMe page to assist with their unique form of resistance.

Listen for yourself:

Featured Image Via Public Domain.