Bullying Teens Isn’t Enough For Gun Nuts – Now They’re Suing

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How much lower can gun nuts possibly go? Bullying and terrifying teenagers apparently aren’t enough for this crowd. Now they are starting on the lawsuits. And if you think for one second that gun nuts can’t possibly get more deplorable, please take a seat and reconsider, because they are sinking fast.


In central Illinois, a couple along with several gun rights groups have filed a lawsuit in federal court that challenges a statewide ban on having handguns in homes that also serve as daycares.

Where it gets truly disgusting, however, is who they are suing. The lawsuit names the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as the defendant because they are the ones that set the licensing rules for child care facilities.


In case anyone needed to be reminded further that their twisted version of the Second Amendment means more to gun nuts than the lives of children, here you have it.

Meet the plaintiff in the case, Jennifer Miller.

Jennifer Miller runs a daycare out of her home. Both she and her husband, Darin Miller, have firearms owner’s identification cards as well as conceal carry permits.

DCFS agents told the Millers in March and April that to continue operating the daycare inside their home, they would need to remove the handguns held there.

According to the lawsuit:

“The Millers would possess and carry loaded and functional handguns for self-defense and defense of family, but refrain from doing so because they fear Jennifer’s daycare home license being taken away from them by the State.”

They don’t care that under the law they can indeed own a shotgun or a rifle, the Millers are pissed off because Jennifer can’t pack heat while she changes diapers.


This law is not without precedence. According to the Chicago Tribune, a toddler was killed in September 2017 at a home daycare in Dearborn, Michigan. The Millers and their attorney David Sigale, insist, however, that the law violates their Second Amendment Rights. He said:

“This s not a lawsuit about keeping guns in the toy box or keeping them on the coffee table. This is about saying we want to behave safely but we also want to be able to defend ourselves. What the … state rules to is take that ability away.”

Except the laws don’t take away all their guns. Not at all. Again, the Millers can have a shotgun or a rifle, as long as it is appropriately stored without ammunition, according to DCFS.


This lawsuit is nothing more than yet another attempt at a political statement by gun nuts and the far-right.

Sadly, a much-needed agency that already has more than enough on its plate will now have to use precious resources of time and personnel on a lawsuit designed to score political points by people who care more about supposed gun rights than tiny human lives.

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