Kris Kobach and Steve Bannon

Trump’s Voter Suppression Chairman May Face Charges

Would it surprise anybody if a paid writer for the right-wing white supremacist rag, Breitbart News, is also working as vice chair for Trump's...
Trump Matt Lauer

WH Aides Only Show Snowflake Trump Polls That Make Him Look Good

This isn't exactly surprising but it demonstrates how much of a thin-skinned snowflake Donald Trump really is.

This Presidential Candidate Leads Trump By 10 – You Will Never Guess Who

President Donald Trump's approval ratings are at a historic low. In what was largely a referendum on his presidency thus far, the Democrats nearly...

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randy rainbow poor deplorable troll

Randy Rainbow’s Triumphant “Poor Deplorable Troll” Nails Trump, Perfectly

If you are a 90s child, "poor unfortunate soul" is a tune that will never leave your mind, and Ursula singing it is the...
allies and protesters face off with police

Amplify Black Voices: POC Don’t Need Us To Speak, They Need Us To Listen

Let me start here: I am a white woman. I have a lot to say about the protests, police brutality, race relations in the...
Trump rejects responsibility for poison control calls increase across the country

Watch Trump’s Responses Over Time as 5 States See Rise in Poison Control Calls

On April 23, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic sweeping across the country, Donald Trump addressed the nation and broached the subject of...