Today’s Twitter Tantrum Suggests Trump Sees Government Shutdown As His Golden Ticket

When the federal government runs out of money on January 19th, Donald Trump intends to hold America hostage via government shutdown until he gets...

Don Jr. Gloats Over Al Franken’s Resignation – Internet Karma Nails Him

Shortly after Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D) resigned on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. thought it would be a great idea to go celebrate on...

Trump Attacks The Media On Twitter With Most Narcissistic Tweet Ever

Donald Trump returned to the White House from his Thanksgiving golfing extravaganza more full of himself than ever.

Ivanka Joins The ‘War On Christmas’ And Twitter Gives Her Hell

Apparently, Ivanka Trump did not get the "Merry Christmas" memo from her daddy.

Alt-Righters Have Online Fit After Twitter Deletes Thousands Of Russian Bot Accounts

Members of the so-called alt-right (aka white nationalists) and far right-wing Trump supporters went on Twitter Wednesday morning and discovered that the social media...

Trump Gets SCHOOLED By Oakland Raiders Coach Del Rio’s Wife

Yet another high profile Trump supporter has expressed regret for voting for him.

The President Continues His War Against The Media With These Ridiculous Tweets

Donald Trump will attack CNN over the littlest of things. In their initial report of Donald Trump Jr's connections to Wikileaks, which are part of...

Trump Is Trying To Rewrite The Roy Moore Narrative

Alabama voters elected the Democrat and rejected accused pedophile Roy Moore on Tuesday night, and Donald Trump is already trying to distance himself from the defeat.

Trump Attacks Comey And FBI In Morning Twitter Meldown

President Donald Trump threw a massive hissy fit on Sunday morning. Not even a day went by after he claimed to be unconcerned by Michael...

CNN Guest: Trump Should Punish Blue States And Help Red States

This kind of scheme is just the kind of partisan bullsh*t President Donald Trump would likely consider. Federal spending for states should not be used...

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