Faye Gary

Roy Moore’s Reputation Led To This Police Officer’s Creepy Assignment (video)

In her 37 years with the Gadsden Police Department in Alabama, Faye Gary had one rather unusual task: Keeping an eye on former chief...

Trump Defends Child Molester Roy Moore In Stunning Endorsement (VIDEO)

On his way out the door to travel to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, Donald Trump defended Roy Moore the same way he defended Vladimir Putin.
Breitbart editor Marlow

Breitbart Editor Makes Horrific Statement About Rape (VIDEO)

Let's not forget that Breitbart has influence on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.
Leigh Corfman

Leigh Corfman Speaks To Today Show – Why Now? In Her Own Words (video)

Those of us that were around in 1979 were still talking about Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and Sigourney Weaver. Star...
Eric Trump

Eric Still Wants To Know, “What About Hillary?” (VIDEO)

Eric Trump thinks that investigating a fake scandal is more important than investigating his dad's collusion with Russia.
Green Day

Green Day Brilliantly Trolls ‘Zombie Trump’ In New Video

Raucous Punk Band Green Day turns President Donald Trump into a zombie in the clever and just-released video Back In The USA. The video is...

Jeff Flake Gets Caught Truthing About Trump On Hot Mic (VIDEO)

Jeff Flake is right about this one.
Sen. Al Franken

‘He Treated Us With The Utmost Respect,’ Say 7 Women About Their Former Boss...

Several women who are former staffers for embattled Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) have come forward to defend their ex-boss in the wake of allegations...

Kellyanne Conway Can’t Handle Pressure From Fox News Host (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway had a meltdown on Fox & Friends after the hosts pushed to get Donald Trump's response to Roy Moore.

Cards Against Humanity Takes a Dive into Politics: It’s Glorious (Video)

The company behind the game Cards Against Humanity is taking it upon themselves to make sure that the Trump administration can’t build their proposed...

Latest article

Tucker Carlson tells viewers, ‘Russia poses no threat to the United States at all’

According to Tucker Carlson, the first day of impeachment hearings is proof positive that Russia poses absolutely no threat to the United States and...

Poll shows Trump losing to Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg in deep red Southern state

A new poll shows President Donald Trump losing a head-to-head matchup against five of the Democrats he may wind up facing in the 2020...

Internet mocks Fox News contributor for saying he doesn’t ‘know what language quid pro...

While none of us expect serious discussion of the news or issues of the day on Fox News, the network reached a new level...

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