Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren Attacks Colin Kaepernick Again And Twitter Outrage Boils Over (Video)

Tomi Lahren's gone and done it again. She posted a tacky and poorly Photoshopped tweet that shows Colin Kaepernick kneeling on the beach at...

Retired General Hertling Blasts Trump For ‘Insulting’ The Troops (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's attempt to wish our military a happy Thanksgiving was a failure.
Mad Mike Hughes

Man Plans Crazy Stunt To Prove The Earth Is Flat

A 61-year old man named Mad Mike Hughes is trying to promote flat Earther theory by launching a $20,000 homemade steam-powered rocket into the...
Morning Joe

Morning Joe: GOP The ‘Party Of Pedophiles’ After Trump Endorses Moore

Donald Trump's endorsement and defense of Roy Moore was HUGE mistake judging by the reaction of Morning Joe.
Faye Gary

Roy Moore’s Reputation Led To This Police Officer’s Creepy Assignment (video)

In her 37 years with the Gadsden Police Department in Alabama, Faye Gary had one rather unusual task: Keeping an eye on former chief...

Trump Defends Child Molester Roy Moore In Stunning Endorsement (VIDEO)

On his way out the door to travel to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, Donald Trump defended Roy Moore the same way he defended Vladimir Putin.
Breitbart editor Marlow

Breitbart Editor Makes Horrific Statement About Rape (VIDEO)

Let's not forget that Breitbart has influence on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.
Leigh Corfman

Leigh Corfman Speaks To Today Show – Why Now? In Her Own Words (video)

Those of us that were around in 1979 were still talking about Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and Sigourney Weaver. Star...
Eric Trump

Eric Still Wants To Know, “What About Hillary?” (VIDEO)

Eric Trump thinks that investigating a fake scandal is more important than investigating his dad's collusion with Russia.
Green Day

Green Day Brilliantly Trolls ‘Zombie Trump’ In New Video

Raucous Punk Band Green Day turns President Donald Trump into a zombie in the clever and just-released video Back In The USA. The video is...

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allies and protesters face off with police

Amplify Black Voices: POC Don’t Need Us To Speak, They Need Us To Listen

Let me start here: I am a white woman. I have a lot to say about the protests, police brutality, race relations in the...
Trump rejects responsibility for poison control calls increase across the country

Watch Trump’s Responses Over Time as 5 States See Rise in Poison Control Calls

On April 23, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic sweeping across the country, Donald Trump addressed the nation and broached the subject of...

Macron humiliates Trump for saying he may send captured ISIS fighters to France

On Tuesday morning, during a press conference with French President Emanuel Macron, President Donald Trump snidely tried to suggest that France should take custody...

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