Chase Bank shames poor people and gets destroyed on Twitter

The worst thing a big bank can do is shame people who are struggling financially, but that is what Chase Bank did on Monday in a supposed effort to “motivate” people to save more, resulting in a backlash that has swept social media.

Chase Bank tried to blame poor people’s struggles on drinking coffee and going out to eat from time to time and taking a cab instead of walking to their destination in a tweet they soon deleted.

That didn’t go over very well with anyone, especially Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has spent her career fighting for consumers and is running for president in 2020 on an economic justice platform:

Others joined her criticism of Chase by pointing out that the bank makes billions stealing people’s money via overdraft fees and charging people money just for not having a certain amount in their accounts.

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) demanded an apology, which has not happened:

Many other Americans piled on from there:

If there’s a bank that should be broken up immediately, it’s Chase. And at the very least, its customers should close their accounts and take their money elsewhere.

Featured Image: Wikimedia