Christian conspiracy theorist claims abortion activists will demand pregnant women be killed

Conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor and Tiffany FitzHenry. Screen capture by RightWingWatchDotOrg via YouTube video

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor likes to make alarming predictions, and he often does this on fellow conspiracy theorist Tiffany FitzHenry’s YouTube program. This time he’s predicting abortion rights supporters will advocate the murder of pregnant women, Right Wing Watch reports.

Insisting that legal abortion, while being a source of power for the demon god Baal, is also a form of population control, he predicted pro-choice activists will begin calling for pregnant women to be killed.

“When you’re talking about control and the abortion issue they go hand-in-hand,” Taylor said. “This is about controlling the population.”

That wasn’t all he had to say.

“I’ll tell you what else is probably going to be exposed and I’ll release it here for the first time,” he told FitzHenry. “Look for these guys — the extreme left, the extreme globalists — that when a woman gets pregnant, their goal will be to take the woman and the child.”

“It’s like taking two birds with one shot, almost,” he continued. “Look for that somewhere in the world, where these elites go, ‘When you get pregnant at this point, we’re going to take the mother and the child.'”

In earlier appearances, Taylor has predicted president Donald Trump will imprison and execute his critics in a brutal manner, causing even Trump’s own evangelical advisers to turn against him. And if this happens, Tyler claimed, this is a sure sign that those advisers are tools of Satan and they are trying to stop Trump from carrying out divine justice.

“If these evangelicals do this, they’re not on heaven’s frequency,” he said. “They’re on Satan’s frequency. I have been warning that God has been showing for me — for over a year-and-a-half now — he has been showing me that Jezebel is part of the presidential spiritual advisory board, that spirit has been operating on that board.”

God, Taylor said, has been talking to him. And apparently, God has told him “there would be a decision that the president has to make,” one that the president’s spiritual advisers would object to because Trump’s response is “not godly.” This, Taylor added, is because the advisers don’t realize he has been called on to carry out “God’s justice on the Earth right now,” and “nothing will stop what is coming.”

“Justice is here,” Taylor told FitzHenry. “We have been praying for this for decades, including those that have gone before us, but we are the ones that get to see this. I’m going to issue a warning here: if you don’t have a stomach for justice, you’d better get one quick and you’d better get red-pilled quick, because there will be suicides — which we all know are coming, we’ve already had some — there will be people imprisoned for life for treason, and there will be those that will be executed for treason.”

Taylor offered one last warning.

“Justice is coming. It’s fixing to be served out on a massive scale.”

For her part, FitzHenry clucks, nods her head, and says “wow” in response to Taylor’s delusional nonsense. She seems willing to believe almost anything, no matter how extreme. She even says so on her Twitter feed.

It could be quite easy to laugh at these two. Their ideas are so outlandish, but then it becomes worrying because people are liking and retweeting her tweets, and nearly 18,000 watched the YouTube video in which she interviewed Taylor. There are people who actually take these two seriously.

Now that’s scary.

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