Christian ‘militia’ goes into ISIS mode to scare people but it goes hilariously wrong

Christian ISIS

A so-called Christian militia group dressed like ISIS in order to scare people on the Internet. It didn’t go very well for them.

The group calls themselves the Legion of St. Ambrose and they even have a manifesto condemning homosexuality and demanding that women be relegated to the home and subjugated by men.

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We reject: homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, and any other unnatural sexual orientations/acts; we seek To see such practices banned within The nation. We demand a return to a patriarchal society, where The home and nation is upheld by traditional sex roles. We seek an end To no-fault divorces; broken homes will be avoided at all costs. The nation should provide: free marriage counseling, comprehensive spiritual and community support, and communal accountability. We seek an end to pornography, strip clubs, swinger groups, sex shops, prostitution, etc. We believe that one of the primary reasons for marriage is The procreation of children. Any attempt to artificially limit the number of children born is a sin against God’s Law.

The group also demands teaching “Christian values” in all schools and wants anti-Christian rhetoric to be banned among many other things.

To make their point with fear, they dressed like members of ISIS and posed on Twitter while threatening those they consider “enemies of Christ.”

If these guys were looking for the best way to get mocked, they found it. Because instead of people being scared, they treated them like fascist clowns desperate for attention.

If conservatives want to know why more people are abandoning organized religion, stunts like this with largely anti-American manifestos are the reason why, especially when your “militia” dresses like ISIS.

The only reaction groups like this deserve are for people to point at them and laugh.

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