Chuck Schumer lays DJT out with one line after he tries to ‘out-tweet’ the Dem leader

Trump Schumer

President Donald Trump undermined his own call for unity in his upcoming State of the Union address on Tuesday by preemptively whining about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticizing it. He also attacked the media for not crediting him for Republicans holding the Senate.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Schumer took aim at Trump’s SOTU by pointing out the real state of the union, which includes worse healthcare under Trump and a worse economy for the middle class while the rich get richer. Schumer also dinged Trump for inviting a child with the same surname to the address in order to somehow prove that people unfairly attack him.

Apparently, Trump saw or at least heard about the speech, and despite reports that Trump plans to talk about unity and compromise, he launched an attack on Schumer.

Of course, Republicans already had control of the Senate and merely held onto it in November in what was considered to be a bad year for Democratic Senate candidates because they had to defend more seats than Republicans did, and in tougher states to boot. Democrats, however, won back the House in a landslide.

Schumer noticed Trump’s Twitter tantrum and pointed out his hypocrisy.

Twitter users piled on.

Schumer was not even trying to bait Trump and he lashed out anyway, thus destroying any notion Trump has about unity and compromise in his speech. Trump’s attack on Schumer and the media speaks louder than anything he will say tonight and now the nation knows he will be merely faking it.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot