Trump Says He ‘Looks Forward’ To Bush Funeral — And Other Inappropriate Comments

Trump Bush

The family of former President George H. W. Bush may want to seriously reconsider inviting President Donald Trump to their patriarch’s funeral because he seems to be enjoying it rather than being sad and respectful about it.

Ever since news broke about Bush’s death, Trump has been bungling his response, first by putting out statements that he clearly did not write himself, and statements that got basic biographical facts about Bush’s life wrong.

Trump even dared to salute Bush’s casket during a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda despite being a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, an insult to Bush, who served courageously during World War II.

And now Trump’s “looks forward” to attending the funeral at the National Cathedral and meeting with Bush’s grieving family. He also bragged about the White House Christmas decor and the ceremonies honoring Bush thus far.

Seriously, Trump’s remarks are inappropriate for the situation as usual, which is why it’s a good thing that he won’t be delivering a eulogy, probably because it would be all about himself and contain personal attacks that belong nowhere near a funeral.

Twitter users ripped Trump to shreds for being heartless.

George H. W. Bush, just like our nation, deserves a president who is capable of empathy and respect. Trump is capable of neither and the only reason why he was invited to the funeral is that Bush did not want to break with tradition, although Trump will be the first sitting president in many years to not deliver a eulogy at the funeral of a past president. And it’s pretty damn clear why that’s the case.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot