CNN hires Trump loyalist to coordinate 2020 Election coverage and Twitter screams with disgust


CNN sparked outrage across social media on Tuesday by hiring former Trump loyalist Sarah Isgur Flores as the network’s newest political editor tasked with coordinating 2020 Election coverage.

Isgur Flores served as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ spokesperson inside the Justice Department and previously worked for several Republican presidential campaigns, including Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz among others.

But CNN’s announcement raised a lot of eyebrows and caused widespread backlash due to the fact that Flores has zero journalism experience and that the hire damages CNN’s credibility as an objective news network.

Politico reports:

While it is common for departing administration officials to join cable news networks as analysts or contributors, it is less common for them to oversee news coverage. Isgur has no experience in news but a long history as a political operative, most recently with the Trump administration.

And the reason why Flores got a job with Trump’s administration gives critics even more reason to be angry with CNN.

According to the Washington Post:

Trump’s advisers knew there was only one way Sessions would be able to hire her: If she kowtowed to Trump. So she paid her respects to the president in the Oval Office — a cordial visit during which she told the president she was on board with his agenda and would be honored to serve him.

That’s right, Flores literally pledged loyalty to Trump to get her job, and now she’s in the perfect position to display that loyalty because she can tilt CNN’s 2020 coverage in his favor over other candidates.

It’s a serious enough threat that Twitter users bashed CNN for hiring her.

We already know that President Donald Trump has a history of attacking CNN and the network’s coverage of his administration. Now he has what amounts to a mole within the company who can skew coverage of the election to help his re-election campaign. This is a hire that never should have happened and CNN should quickly fix their mistake. It’s one thing to hire a Trump operative to provide commentary or analysis, but it’s reckless to hire one to make political coverage decisions that could swing perhaps the most crucial election in American history.

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