CNN political analyst: Trump fears Mueller’s congressional testimony will be a ‘reality show’ he can’t control

CNN political analyst Errol Louis said Monday morning that while President Donald Trump has been claiming the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller exonerated him in the Russia investigation, he’s terrified that if Mueller testifies before Congress, that testimony could prove politically devastating for the president.

Though both Attorney General William Barr and Trump have said in the recent past that they have no problems with Mueller appearing before Congress to explain his findings, Trump is now insisting that Mueller should not be allowed to, firing off angry, paranoid tweets over the weekend that certainly give the appearance of guilt:

That, Louis noted on CNN, suggests that Trump understands just how damaging hearings with Mueller as the star witness could be:

“What the president fears here is what I remember most vividly as a child, which is watching those Watergate hearings. It galvanized the country. It moved the polls from a majority saying Watergate is about nothing to a majority saying Watergate is really, really serious.”

Worst of all, Louis, added, is that the president cannot possibly anticipate exactly what Mueller will say, and that leaves him feeling helpless:

“The president doesn’t want a reality show that’s out of his control to go unscripted on national television involving the characters that have been pursuing him for so long.”

And Trump’s reluctance to see Mueller testify also points to a larger potential problem for the president: If Mueller makes a convincing case to an audience of millions, it could be the end of Trump’s presidency.

All of this is why we need to hear from Mueller as soon as possible.

Featured Image Via NBC News