Comey’s New Book Wrapped Up Tighter Than The Leaky White House

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If the contents are as explosive as the security measures are intense, the new book due out by former FBI director James Comey is going to set the world on fire. Like when the famed children’s book Harry Potter came out, the security measures surrounding the release of A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, are extreme, to say the least.

Taking No Chances

Comey’s memoir is due out April 18th, and the publisher is taking no chances that anyone gets a peek before that day. Flatiron Books, the publisher in question, implemented an electronic password system that only those working directly on the book can access.

No physical copies of the book were mailed to editors or agents.

The digital project is stored using a code name, so those that are not directly involved with the project won’t even know what they are looking for if they tried. At every warehouse that will ship the book workers there have signed non-disclosure agreements, according to Politico.

They are even shifting the schedule around shipping the book to ensure the highest possible security.

The Trump Saga Continues

Now that the fervor over Michael Wolff’s tell-all about his time in the White House titled “Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House” has settled, the public is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next peek inside the administration. Like Wolff’s book, Comey’s promises to deliver a front row seat directly from the man that endured time spent in the same room with President Donald Trump.

It’s sure to be as explosive, if not more than the book by Wolff. Indeed, the secrecy surrounding it suggests there are going to be some bombshells in there.

Comey Remains Stalwart

For his part, Comey has been frustratingly stalwart and silent about the whole thing thus far. Aside from his testimony before Congress, he has stayed mute about his interactions with Trump.

The “quiet before the storm” is only building the anticipation of the book. Indeed, it is already Amazon’s number one bestseller in the politics & social science, law, and biography categories.

While it is not unusual for publishers to take security measures like these when books are due out by high-profile figures, it certainly feels more intense this time around. For sure, things could not be tenser for Trump, at the moment.

It really must be starting to feel to Trump as though many walls are closing in on him that have nothing to do with Mexico.

The revelations in the book will not have any bearing on the Russia investigation, as Comey has already given his testimony. But that doesn’t mean that what the public learns won’t further damage Trump’s already tarnished reputation.

The Best Part

Everyone loves the feeling of building anticipation around an event. However, possibly the best part of this whole thing is the insane response from the White House. If you have any doubt it’s a shit show; this quote will put it to rest.

“A few weeks away is a lifetime for us.”

The book promises “never before told experiences.” Everything from new revelations about the infamous “loyalty dinner” to a first-ever telling of how Comey briefed Trump about the Christopher Steele dossier during Trump’s transition.

I can’t wait.

If you’d like to preorder Comey’s book, check it out here:

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