Committee Votes To Release Democratic Rebuttal Of Nunes Memo

In a huge pivot from just over a week ago, the House Intelligence Committee just voted unanimously to release the Democratic memorandum that is a rebuttal of the Nunes memo and the Republican claims that the F.B.I. and the Justice Department abused their power when they wiretapped a former Trump campaign official.

This vote represents a massive pivot for the Republicans on the committee. Just a week ago those very same members of the GOP voted to release the Nunes memo but refused to release the Democratic rebuttal. At that time, they came up with the flimsy excuse that the Democrat’s memo should first be shared with members of the House like the Nunes memo was.

The final hurdle to get the memo released is the White House. President Trump has veto power. The vote today gives Trump 5 days to review the memo and determine whether or not he will block its release.


Trump fully supported the Republican memo. It is going to be interesting, to say the least, to see what he gets up to now in an attempt to block this one. According to Trump, the Nunes memo was going to vindicate him entirely.

Not only was that not true, but this new memo reportedly isn’t going to help his case one bit.

Democrats said this memo corrects gross misrepresentations by Republicans and adds context to the actions taken by the F.B.I. when the agencies obtained a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order to wiretap former Trump aid, Carter Page.

Specifically, the Democratic memo is said to contain proof that the F.B.I was indeed more forthcoming than Republicans are currently claiming when they went to surveillance court. On top of that, the memo also contests Republican’s claims that Andrew G. McCabe would not have sought the wiretap without the dossier from Mr. Stelle, which they claim was politically motivated.

They are nervous as well about what Trump and the White House might get up to during the upcoming review period for the memo’s release.


Representative Adam Schiff (R-Calif.) is the committee’s top Democrat. He said that Democrats have already shared the memo with the FBI and the Justice Department and that they would cooperate with them and the White House for any changes they might request.

Insofar as the White House’s response, they say they will give this memo the same consideration they did the Nunes memo. White House Spokesman Raj Shah said:

“We will consider it along the same terms that we considered the Nunes memo – which is to allow to a legal review – a national security review – led by the White House Counsel’s Office.”

If anyone thinks that’s the truth, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Trump himself tweeted to show just how bipartisan he will be. Which is to say, not at all.

Trump isn’t even trying to appear as though he might treat this one fairly. He attacked Schiff on Twitter calling him “Little Adam Schiff” and said he must be stopped. Just a few hours later, Trump tweeted out high praise for Nunes calling him an “American Hero” for what he has exposed.

However, it should be said that if Trump does block the memo, House rules dictate that the House of Representatives can call for a full vote to override that decision.

Featured image Via YouTube Video.