Conservative Columnist Reminds Us Of All The Times Republicans Rejected Trump’s Wall

Trump wall

Conservative columnist Noah Rothman devastated President Donald Trump and the Republican Party on Wednesday with an epic Twitter thread pointing out every time Republicans rejected Trump’s wall.

After Trump flopped in his effort to convince the American people to support his wall with an Oval Office address to the nation on Tuesday night, Rothman reminded us and the GOP that many Republicans didn’t support it either until after Democrats won back control of the House in November.

Indeed, despite Senate Republicans voting overwhelmingly for a continuing resolution to fund the government through early February without wall money, some House Republicans refused to vote for it and demanded $5.7 billion for the wall after Trump told them he would not sign a bill without it, thus triggering a government shutdown that is nearly at the three-week mark.

Trump and the Republicans have now taken to trying to pin the shutdown on Democrats, who were not even in control of the House until January 3rd. But up until they took control, even Republicans opposed Trump’s wall, and Rothman shined a light on their hypocrisy by using direct quotes to make his case.

As anyone can clearly see, even Lindsey Graham opposed Trump’s wall early on, and Republicans in Congress time and time again refused to vote for wall funding despite controlling the House and the Senate for the last two years, even rejecting a compromise measure that would have given Trump even more funding then what he is asking for now. Only after Democrats won back the House and subsequently took control of the gavel did Republicans all of sudden support it.

The thread posted by Rothman should be read by every American so that everyone can understand just how hypocritical, deceptive and complicit Republicans have been. Because if border security is a real crisis, Republicans would have addressed it when they were in control. It’s either that, or they ignored it, which would be even worse considering how much Trump has tried to scare us into believing we are being invaded by ruthless drug-addled killers. But they did nothing, and now they want Democrats to fund the wall that they themselves have been rejecting for two years.

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