Conservative Republican offers mea culpa for allowing ‘wingnut’ evangelicals to take over the GOP


More and more, once loyal Republicans are realizing that their party has been taken over by religious extremists and racists who seem hell-bent on turning the GOP into the Party of Trump. But one conservative is speaking out, letting his fellow party members know that he can no longer stomach what he sees in today’s Republican party.

Tom Nichols is a a professor at the Naval War College, and he ran across a tweet in which a lifelong Republican said he was done with the GOP, writing:

That led Nichols to reflect on his thoughts regarding the GOP in the Age of Trump, and he responded with a series of tweets that totally eviscerate today’s Republican establishment:

Nichols makes some excellent points that Republicans would be wise to heed, but in today’s political climate on the far right, is there any chance more than a handful of GOPers will have the guts to admit their party is now the equivalent of the most strident theocracies on the face of the planet?

Featured Image Via CNN