Constitutional Guru Laurence Tribe Skewers Trump On Twitter


Harvard Law professor and highly acclaimed Constitutional expert Laurence Tribe has spent the last week absolutely hammering President Donald Trump on Twitter.

From Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ resignation to Trump’s decision to surrender in Syria to Trump cornering himself and making himself more vulnerable to impeachment, Tribe had an opinion for all of it beginning a week ago, and he did not hold back.

The legal expert has been trolling Trump since he took office, keeping his followers informed about all the legal troubles the president has embroiled himself in for the last two years.

But this Twitter barrage upped the ante and made it clear that Tribe has zero f*cks to give.

First, he nailed Trump in the wake of Mattis resigning in protest and warned the country about why Trump is now more dangerous.

He then suggested Trump is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Tribe also pointed out that Americans support indicting a sitting president.

He flirted with the possibility of Nancy Pelosi becoming president should Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence both be impeached next year.

Trump went on to observe that Trump has personal financial reasons for attacking the Federal Reserve.

Which could be an impeachable offense.

He had strong words for Trump fancying himself a “hero” for surrendering in Syria.

Tribe threw cold water on Trump’s possible attempt to prevent the Cabinet from invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him.

On Wednesday, he continued the onslaught.

And concluded by mocking Trump for outing convert Navy Seal Team Five members in Iraq.

All in all, it was an unrestrained but very welcome string of Twitter bombs dropped by Tribe that put Trump in his place.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot