David Letterman says we need to quit ‘yakking about what a goon’ Trump is and do something about it

Letterman is not a Trump fan
David Letterman. Screen capture by Today via YouTube video

Former Late Show host David Letterman didn’t mince any words about his feelings about President Donald Trump in an upcoming interview on NBC’s Today show. He said he doesn’t approve of Trump’s presidency and he hopes America will “settle this” during the 2020 elections, Mediaite reports. (see video below …)

In the interview, which airs Sunday, Letterman told Willie Geist it’s time to send Trump packing, AVNews reports.

“As an American, I don’t like this man as a president of our country,” Letterman says. “I love being an American but I don’t feel he represents me and I don’t like that.”

“Even with other presidents that I’ve disagreed with politically, i felt like okay, I can live with their representation. but I’m sick and tired of everybody wringing their hands about this. Let’s just settle this at the next election. let’s just stop yakking about what a goon he is.”

Trump appeared 30 times on the Late Show With David Letterman, and the two were cordial with each other despite discussing political issues, but Letterman broke with that tradition by mocking Trump on a 2012 segment. Trump was complaining about China stealing American manufacturing jobs, so Letterman aptly presented him with one of his own Trump Brand ties — manufactured in China.

The iconic talk show host/comedian took a bit of time to credit today’s late-night comedy hosts who use their positions to regularly and savagely take down Trump, sometimes he noted, sounding more like pundits than comedians.

“The people who are in charge of late-night comedy now do a really good job of it,” he said. “As I’ve said before, it’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge — as soon as you’re done you’ve got to start all over and it would be the same night after night after night.”

Geist asked Letterman how he would handle Trump’s presidency if he was still on the air. Letterman, astute as ever, said he would be “really inelegant” and probably say something he’d have to apologize for.

But he shouldn’t have to apologize for being right about Trump. Check out the video below the break:

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