DC Bar Offers Shutdown-Themed Drinks To Furloughed Federal Employees

Screenshot by Carmine's NYC via Twitter

A Washington, D.C. bar plans to provide federal workers who may be affected by the potential shutdown with a little holiday cheer.

Capitol Lounge, located just a few blocks from the Capitol announced the new drink menu on Twitter Friday, The Hill reports. These drinks will be on special for federal employees for $5.00 as long as the shutdown lasts. And it’s set to begin at 12:01 a.m. when parts of the government officially run out of money.

All federal workers have to do is provide the appropriate identification, ABC News reports”

“I’m not expressing any political opinion here, but I am thankful I did get a drink special tonight,” said one employee at the Capitol Bar who did not wish to be identified.

Libations include the “Nothing Really Mattis,” for outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis. This one’s a concoction of “Mad Dog 20/20” and vodka, the Hot Tub Crime Scene (bourbon, lemon juice, recusal relish), and the Border Wall Banger (tequila, Galliano, orange juice, extra ice).

The border wall brouhaha threatens funding for several government departments as President Donald Trump continues to dig in his heels, and it’s the second time this year that the bar similar specials.

Other local establishments are offering deals of their own.

Including Carmine’s NYC, which offers the “Hard Times Cocktail” for $12.00 (which seems a little pricey for people who are about to be broke.) But anyone ordering a happy hour food item also gets a free extra jumbo meatball, so hey, there’s that.

Then there’s the Queen Vic, an English pub where draft beers will be offered at a 30 percent discount for the duration of the shutdown.

Vox notes that roughly three-quarters of the government have been funded by existing bills and many services will remain open. These services include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the U.S. Postal Service, and Food Stamp programs. Veterans will still be able to receive benefits and veterans hospitals will still be open.

Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of government employees will still face furloughs. National Parks, the Smithsonian Museum and the National Zoo will likely furlough their employees, and the IRS says it also plans to do so.

Featured image by Carmine’s NYC via Twitter