Delusional Devin Nunes complains ‘the straw police’ are destroying California restaurants

Now that he’s unable to run interference for the Trump administration on the Russia investigation, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is trying desperately to remain relevant and helpful, whining about California ordinances which ban straws in restaurants.

The ban, CNN reports, is for a very good reason:

“Plastic pollution kills thousands of marine animals every year. Researchers found 80 plastic bags in the stomach of a dead pilot whale that washed ashore in Thailand.”

It should also be noted that any customer can request a straw, but restaurants do not automatically bring them unless a customer wants one.

But to hear Nunes tell is, it’s just another sign of creeping socialism:

Really, Devin? The “straw police” are a bigger threat than the lives of whales and other marine life? Could you possibly be more selfish?

Responses to Congressman Nunes’ moronic tweet were deservedly harsh:

Maybe Devin can request a straw in federal prison.

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot