Democratic Candidate Wins Big In Deep Red ‘Trump’ State

Delivering yet another defeat to President Donald Trump and Republicans ahead of the midterm election, Democrats scored a massive victory in the ruby red state of Kentucky.

Last night, the Hill reports that Democrat Linda Belcher was declared the winner of the special election in Kentucky’s House District 49, a seat that President Donald Trump easily won by a 72-23 margin in 2016.

Belcher, who previously held her seat until losing in 2016 by just 150 votes, is ecstatic to be back in the graces of a red state district that overwhelmingly favored Trump. According to the Hill, Tuesday’s special election in House District 49 was held to replace former state Rep. Dan Johnson (R). Johnson, a church pastor who apparently killed himself in December in what many believe was due to allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

The Kentucky district marks the eighteenth Republican district to be taken by Democrats in a special election ever since Trump assumed office. The president’s historically low approval ratings and ongoing involvement in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is resulting in a plethora of democratic victories, which is a proof of a Democratic landslide in the fall.

Jessica Post, executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, said:

“Flipping a seat that Trump won by such a considerable margin in 2016 shows the sea change happening across America in 2018. Voters are speaking up about what they want to see in their elected leaders and volunteering their time and money to change the election maps.”

The fact remains that Republicans put themselves in a very hard place in their continued support of the most hated and destructive president’s in our lifetime. While there a remain a handful of Republicans who have spoken out against Trump’s destruction of democracy, most of them are either retiring or not seeking re-election.

Republicans have shown that they can only govern for millionaires and billionaires and can’t be trusted to do the principled thing on major issues.

Featured image via YouTube.