Democratic candidates rally around Kamala Harris to condemn racist right-wing smear

Harris Democrats

A racist right-wing attack against Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Friday drew unanimous condemnation from the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates as they rallied around her against hate on Saturday.

After her strong performance during Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate in which she schooled former Vice-President Joe Biden, a Russian troll account claimed that Harris isn’t really black, and Donald Trump Jr. would go on to retweet the smear before deleting it.

The attack served as a clear attempt to divide African-Americans and demonstrated that President Donald Trump and his team fears her.

In response, many of Harris’ fellow Democratic candidates jumped to her defense, starting with Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.).

Others joined him.

Even Biden, the man Harris confronted for not supporting busing during desegregation, called out the racism because the same smear was used against former President Barack Obama.

Democrats are standing united against this racism even though they all know it is intended to hurt her candidacy in their favor. This tactic should backfire against conservatives. They clearly see her as a threat to Trump’s re-election chances and are desperate to weaken her momentum. However, if anything, the attacks make Trump himself look weak and unites Democrats against him as she takes the high road and receives more support.

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