Democratic lawmaker epically burns Ted Cruz for attacking Nike


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) threw a hissy fit on Tuesday after Nike canceled an American flag shoe because former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick objected. And a Democratic lawmaker had one hell of a retort to put Cruz in his place.

Nike had intended to release a shoe adorned with the “Betsy Ross” flag. But not only does such a shoe violate the flag code, but Kaepernick also expressed concern over the fact that the flag has been used to promote racism. And Kaepernick’s voice is important to Nike, especially since he starred in an advertising campaign that has netted them billions of dollars.

And so, Nike canceled the shoe, and conservatives everywhere who have already been buying Nikes to burn them in protest once again flipped out and threw a tantrum.

That includes Cruz, who took to Twitter to whine and call for a boycott of the most popular shoe company on Earth.

Nike does not have any contempt for those values. They listened to Kaepernick and heard him and did the right thing. The “Betsy Ross” flag was used during a time when black people were still slaves. It’s kinda hard to celebrate freedom by wearing a flag under which not everyone was actually free.

Cruz thinks he is acting tough by standing up to Nike, but Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) fired back at his “brave” stand by pointing out that Cruz is still kissing up to President Donald Trump even after he insulted Cruz’s wife and father during the 2016 campaign.

An epic response to a truly pathetic man.

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