Dershowitz goes on sick Twitter rant arguing that raping underage girls is legal


Attorney and President Donald Trump defender Alan Dershowitz is sickeningly insisting that statutory rape is constitutional as his connections to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein continue to be exposed.

In an op-ed he wrote 20 years ago, Dershowitz literally called for lowering the age of consent to as low as 14-years-old, as ethics lawyer Richard Painter pointed out on Monday.

It’s little wonder why Epstein, who is currently charged with child sex trafficking by the Southern District of New York, once hired Dershowitz as his lawyer.

In response, Dershowitz made things worse for himself by defending his perverted stance.

Statutory rape laws exist to protect minors. What Dershowitz is advocating for is to repeal these laws, which would give rapists the ability to claim the minors they raped consented.

Legal and law enforcement experts weighed in.

Seriously, how does this sicko still have a job at Harvard Law?

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