Devin Nunes Wants To Build A Wall So Democrats Can’t Talk To His Staffers

Now that his long-awaited memo has been released and judged a complete dud by nearly everyone who’s seen it, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has a new plan that would appear to be even more ludicrous.

The latest plan from Nunes and his fellow Republicans on the intelligence committee, according to CBS News, takes a page from President Donald Trump’s playbook: Building a wall:

“In a sign of increasing partisan hostilities, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee plan to construct a wall – a physical partition – separating Republican and Democratic staff members in the committee’s secure spaces, according to multiple committee sources. It’s expected to happen this spring.”

However, others on the committee said they knew nothing about the planned wall, with Rep. Mike Conaway, (R-Texas) commenting:

“I’m not part of that decision. You’ve got to talk to Devin. I don’t know what they’re trying to do one way or the other.”

And Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) said the atmosphere on the committee has deteriorated:

“I swear to God I didn’t know that. The level of trust and the level of everything down there is – it’s poison. It’s absolute poison down there.”

The ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) said a wall to separate staffers is a terrible idea:

“We have heard reports that the chairman may seek to erect a ‘wall’ to divide the staff of the intelligence committee on a partisan basis — this would be a terrible mistake. While we have more than our share of difficulties, the important oversight work of the committee continues with our staff working together irrespective of party. This would be a very destructive decision.”

Nunes has also promised other memos will be released by the committee but has not set a timeline for that.

At the moment, Democrats are still awaiting a final decision from President Trump as to whether or not he will allow the declassification and release of their response to the Nunes memo.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab.