DNI general counsel sabotages Trump effort to trash whistleblower’s credibility


Ever since the news broke about a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump exposing his conduct in office, Trump and his supporters have relentlessly tried to trash the anonymous whistleblower’s credibility. But a new letter was written by the DNI general counsel that just blew that effort out of the water.

Trump’s scheme to extort Ukraine into digging up dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden to help Trump win in 2020 by holding up hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid has shocked the nation and triggered an impeachment inquiry.

The administration continues to hide the complaint from Congress, which is a violation of federal law, but the whistleblower wants to testify.

Obviously, testifying would be a damaging blow to Trump’s presidency, so Trump and his supporters have gone all out to paint the whistleblower as a partisan actor or troublemaker who is lying to hurt the administration.

Even Fox News has questioned the credibility of the whistleblower despite the fact that the Inspector General of the intelligence community called the complaint “credible” and of “urgent concern”.

Well, all of Trump’s and Fox News’ effort to destroy the whistleblower’s credibility just went up in smoke because the Director of National Intelligence’s own general counsel, Jason Klitenic, wrote a letter to the lawyer representing the whistleblower commending his client for acting in good faith and praising his client for having the courage to come forward.

“I commend your client’s willingness to come forward to the ICIG, and the DNI is committed to protecting your client from retaliation for that disclosure,” Klitenic said. “I also want to take this opportunity to state that we have every reason to believe your client — our IC colleague — has acted in good faith and fully complied with the law. Furthermore, we understand that your client has respected the confidential and privileged nature of the information, while awaiting the guidance your letter references.”

In short, Congress and the public can use this letter to prove that the whistleblower is a credible witness. That means Trump is screwed.

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