Don Jr. Accuses Maine Senator Of Wanting To ‘Repopulate’ His State With Refugees

With the midterm election now just two days away, President Donald Trump and his surrogates are doubling down on their racist, xenophobic rhetoric in a desperate effort to try and salvage their fading political fortunes as they demonize refugees and anyone who isn’t a white Anglo-Saxon Christian.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. joined the fray in a disgusting manner, tweeting out a hateful attack on independent Maine Senator Angus King, who is up for reelection against Republican Eric Brakey:

As Mother Jones noted in response to Don Jr’s tweet, he’s basically sending out dog whistles about “white genocide” for political advantage:

“In this tweet, Trump isn’t offering misplaced fears about, I don’t know, Al-Shabaab or something. He’s not couching it in anything, there are no dots to connect; he just doesn’t want Somalis, full-stop. Having Somalis in your community is bad, on its surface, simply because they’re Somalis—that’s it, that’s the argument.”

Don Jr. also got slammed online for his hateful tweet:

Featured Image Via NBC News Screenshot